Aquafil’s first trading day on the Italian stock exchange


Milan – Three Hills Capital Partners is pleased to announce that today was the first day of trading for Aquafil S.p.A. on the Italian Stock exchange. The company can be found on Bloomberg under the ticker: ECNL IM.

In celebration of today’s listing, the Top Management of the Trentino Alto Adige founded company, including the CEO Giulio Bonazzi, arrived in Milan at Piazza Affari in electric cars promoted by Building Energy.

The initiative was sponsored by THCP, the preferred capital fund which has followed Aquafil’s growth across the globe over the last several years and has supported the CEO of the company, Giulio Bonazzi, in increasing the efficiency of its shareholding structure.

Mauro Moretti, founder and Managing Partner of THCP, arrived at Piazza Affari in an electric car together with Giulio Bonazzi. Commenting on today’s listing, he said“Today is a special day for Aquafil and for all of us. We have worked with the company since 2009, alongside its top management in this extraordinary growth path. In these 8 years we have worked closely with a visionary entrepreneur, who has placed sustainability at the center of his business model since day one. Today’s listing is another milestone in THCP’s commitment to supporting with exceptional European entrepreneurs competing on a global scale and who possess the financial and managerial resources required to deliver the corporate institutionalisation and growth of their businesses.”

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