Genius Sports Group focuses on US sports integrity

Safeguarding the integrity of sports has been a founding principle in building Genius Sports Group’s reputation in the United States. As state governments come together to introduce sports betting legislation, Genius Sports Group has launched as an online resource to help raise awareness around the issue.

Leveraging its partnerships with Major League Baseball, the PGA TOUR & the Premier League, the website highlights the pivotal role that official data plays in shaping the terms of the debate.  

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports Group commented“The US has the opportunity to lead the world in sports betting regulation, and as the laws that are enacted in the coming years will impact sports in the US for generations to come. Requiring sports betting operators to use only official data would help safeguard sports integrity, protect consumers and enable only licensed sports betting operators to offer the most competitive products and services. We hope that all stakeholders can work together to understand the vital role that official sports data plays in this process.”