We aim to be a catalyst for positive social and environmental change, creating meaningful value for our stakeholders and supporting businesses for long-term growth and impact


Long-lasting impact and sustainability for all stakeholders through responsible investment

Our world is facing many challenges; growing inequalities, climate change, poverty, access to education and healthcare and more. We think that the financial sector has a vital role to play, and we firmly believe that responsible ownership and business success go hand in hand. As such, we seek to ensure that thorough consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors are embedded throughout all stages of the investment process.

Our impact focus areas

We aim to be a catalyst for positive change, to create meaningful value for all stakeholders. To support businesses for long-term growth and meaningful impact, THCP aims to focus on four thematic areas across both environmental (Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action ) and social (Decent Work and Economic Growth and Reducing Inequalities) issues, which we believe present significant challenges, but at the same time offer the biggest opportunities for positive impact given our role as investors.

Our approach to responsible investment

Since inception, we are constantly developing and improving our approach to responsible investment, experimenting and learning so that we can improve the way we measure ESG performance in our investments and set meaningful targets for improvement.

THCP is committed to increasingly employ a structured ESG framework as part of its investment processes aimed at identifying and evaluating all the ESG aspects of an investment from due diligence through to exit. Additionally, THCP endeavours to ensure that portfolio companies incorporate ESG issues into policies and best practices, and are aware of their own social and environmental footprint to manage risk and to work towards a situation where sustainability practices are implemented, measured and reported on across the portfolio.

Climate changes and Environmental

THCP is committed to working with, and influencing, portfolio companies in a manner consistent with improving their impact on local communities and the environment. It is our belief that we must all minimise the environmental impact, and where possible, offset this impact if the opportunity to do so is available and viable.


At THCP we believe that it is our responsibility, as investors and managers, that the capital deployed by our Funds is invested in a manner that has a positive socio-economic impact.

It is absolutely critical that we, and our portfolio companies, engage proactively in delivering positive changes aimed at increasing the well-being of individuals across portfolio companies and the communities which they reach.


Leadership of an organisation, its culture and modus operandi, set an example and dictate the values to which individuals at all levels of the organisation operate. As such, we endeavour to support our partners in developing robust corporate governance practices, and encourage strong transparency and accountability.

Our corporate responsibility and social impact

THCP is an active supporter of sustainability initiatives in the private investment markets. In 2018, THCP formally became a signatory to the PRI, the world’s leading proponent of responsible investing.

THCP also participates to the “AP for Social” initiative: a programme that supports a number of charitable projects in collaboration with its advisors, thanks to voluntarily contribution of deal fees, which THCP always matches. Amongst the initiative supported by AP for Social there is Nice To Meet You (NTMY), a charitable organisation set up on a core belief in education as a force for good to help young people, regardless of their background, foster their potential. NTMY’s mission is simple, CUT THE GAP.

Finally, THCP is proud to announce that since 2019 we are completely carbon neutral.

We believe in education as a force of good, a catalyst for positive social change. Our aim is to give young people the means to foster their potential

Nice to meet you foundation

The foundation was set up on a core belief in education as a force for good to help young people, regardless of their background, foster their potential.

NTMY works to improve access to education, remove barriers to learning and create equal opportunities. The foundation’s mission is simple, CUT THE GAP. Through both academic and extracurricular activities, those involved with the foundation learn to develop new skills, build self-confidence and gain a sense of belonging.

Through their work as a foundation, NTMY helps to reduce young people’s behavioural issues, educational disengagement and school exclusions. Helping young people to cultivate positive relationships that drive development and increase their possibilities for change.

To learn more about NTMY or how you can support the foundation visit ntmy.foundation