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Nice to Meet You Foundation extends its NTMY Lab project to Milan schools, in collaboration with Fondazione Milan

21 March 2024 Three Hills for social

Three Hills is delighted to announce that Nice to Meet You Foundation extended NTMY Lab project to Milan schools launching, together with Fondazione Milan, “Talenti in Gioco” – a multi-year initiative that aims to support children and young people on their journey through the education system, across curricular and creative extra-curricular workshops conducted by carefully selected specialised coaches and industry progessionals, to help them develop skills, confidence and sense of belonging.  

The initiative will involve over 300 students from 4 local primary and secondary schools located on the outskirts of Milan, where the majority of students have origins outside of Italy. The aim is to bring children together regardless of their origins or socio-economic background and cultivate their potential, driving positive development, guaranteeing the same opportunities for all, and preventing social exclusion and disruptive behaviour that often culminate in early school dropouts.

Three Hills’ belief is that education is the single most powerful tool to empower future generations to drive positive development, overcome inequality and enhance everyone’s possibility for change.