Be Charge, part of Be Power Group, and Eni gas e luce sign an agreement to accelerate the transition to electric mobility

Be Charge announces the signing of an agreement with Eni gas e luce dedicated to the development of charging infrastructures for electric mobility, furthering Eni’s decarbonisation and energy transition strategy through which the Italian energy company aims to become a leader in the sale of low carbon impact of products by 2050. Be Charge is part of the Be Power Group, a company of Building Energy’s Group.

The agreement with Be Charge provides for the nationwide installation of co-branded public charging stations for electric vehicles. The charging station will be powered by renewable energy, supplied by Eni gas e luce, certified by guarantees of European origin, fed into the grid and produced by plants powered 100% by renewable sources. The joint commitment, the growth of the charging network and the increasingly cutting-edge services aim to accelerate the transition to increasingly sustainable and electric mobility.

Be Charge is currently the second largest national operator of the charging network in Italy in terms of size and power. The agreement with Eni gas e luce will further accelerate the growth of the infrastructure which currently has over 3,000 charging points installed and over 3,500 under construction, both in alternating current from 22 kW and in direct current with powers from 75 kW to 300 kW.