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25a Soho Square
London W1D 3QR
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 3056 9540

Via Joe Colombo 2
20124 Milan
+39 02 8295 9110

6 St Johns Lane
New York, NY 10013
United States
+1 917 933 3127

42 Rue de la Vallée
L-2661 Luxembourg
+35 220 880 176


Assets under management


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Combined EV of current portfolio

23 thousand

Employees across our portfolio companies

Grounded in heritage.

Three Hills was built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Business-oriented investors, our approach is rooted in offering hands-on operational and strategic support, all while offering the management teams we back a greater share in the upside than traditional private equity solutions.

Since 2008, when the founders of Three Hills pioneered preferred capital investing in Europe, we have focused on empowering management teams with the capital and operational support they need to reach new heights. Our style of investing centres on enabling the businesses in our portfolio to build sustainable, long-term growth – an enduring legacy.

Founded in London, our teams now span four offices on two continents: London, Milan, Luxembourg and New York. With operations and investments across Europe and North America, Three Hills has cultivated a connected community of entrepreneurs, investors, and operational experts which facilitates the sharing of opportunities and know-how.

The “three hills”, after which we were named, are existing hills in the ancient region of Umbria (often called Italy’s green heart, or il cuore verde d’Italia) which is steeped in history, with strong traditions of craftsmanship and culture.

Today, these ‘three hills’ represent the three core tenets of our culture: entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, and impact. The interrelation between Three Hills’ heritage and its dynamic, forward-looking approach embodies a synthesis of tradition and innovation, forming a choesive identity that defines Three Hills’ ethos and guides the firm’s strategic direction.


Focused on future.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
– Søren Kierkegaard, 19th century Danish philosopher

As a firm, we are forever oriented towards what’s next. Continuously innovating, never resting on our laurels. Exemplified in our investment approach, this trait drives our decisions from investing to hiring to contributing philanthropically, It also drove our choice to pursue becoming a Certified B Corporation, an achievement reached in late 2022.

The common threads of our forward-facing stance: digital and sustainability criteria. We pursue excellence across both as a firm, and throughout the Three Hills portfolio.

Nurtured by community.

As business-oriented investors with a rich history of collaborative partnerships, we prioritise working closely not only with management teams and advisors but also with Limited Partners across our investments. Our approach is deliberate; we selectively choose partners who align with our values and vision, fostering enduring relationships that have been instrumental in our journey. This strategic focus has led to the development of an extensive and tightly-knit investor community. This community not only grants us access to a diverse array of high-quality businesses and unique strategic perspectives, but also actively engages in various aspects crucial to our firm’s growth and development.

Central to our philosophy of value creation is the belief that networks and knowledge should be shared for mutual benefit. We operate exclusively with partners who share this ethos.

We view this exceptional community as one of our most valuable assets, nurturing our evolution and supporting our advancement into new territories, thereby shaping our enduring legacy.

Responsible for our actions.

We focus our energy on building better, more sustainable businesses. Small steps to help alleviate some of the big challenges facing the world.​ Three Hills brings our commitments alive through charitable contributions and hands-on partnerships.

Three Hills is recognised as a certified B Corporation through its holding company, Atypical Partner. As part of the B Corp community, we commit to putting the planet’s health and people’s wellbeing at our core.​

ESG & Sustainability Team

Three Hills’ in-house ESG & Sustainability Team works closely with the investment team to effectively integrate ESG and impact considerations throughout the investment cycle. Our team ensures that the highest levels of governance and corporate social and environmental responsibility are incorporated in the decision-making process.

Three Hills collaborates with management teams across the portfolio to execute strategic value-add initiatives and drive sustainable growth. We help to guide our portfolio through business level complexities such as building and carrying out sustainability action plans and policies, achieving ESG certifications, and enhancing stakeholder engagement efforts.

Certified B Corporation

Three Hills is proud to contribute alongside a select group of companies reinventing business as a force for good. This is corroborated by the B Corp certification awarded to its holding company, Atypical Partner, in December 2022. Such recognition indicates the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

The Firm will continue to encourage and guide its portfolio companies to embark on similar pathways. More information about the Firm’s commitment to sustainable investing, including ESG metrics from across the portfolio, can be found in our annual Sustainability Report.

Nice To Meet You Foundation

Nice To Meet You (NTMY) was incorporated by Three Hills in 2019 to focus on promoting and supporting education. Over the past four years, the foundation has partnered with local charities in communities in areas ranging from rural Kenya to at-risk groups in Milan, Amsterdam and London.

NTMY’s mission? “Cut the gap”.

The overall goal is to improve access to education for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to work towards equal opportunities for everyone, and to enhance their potential for positive change.
By being part of Three Hills, NTMY benefits from dedicated resources and a solid growth platform to achieve a meaningful impact.