Dedalus continues its consolidation strategy through the acquisition of Noemalife

Three Hills Capital Partners is pleased to announce that its portfolio company Dedalus S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of a majority shareholding in NoemaLife S.p.A. (c. 83%), a leading European name in the clinical and hospital information systems market listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. Dedalus will acquire the remaining 17% listed on the market at a price per share of 7.40 Euro, through a tender offer beginning in August.

The acquisition creates the largest software operator in the Italian healthcare sector, and one of the largest players in Europe, with 1,700 employees and global activities in more than 25 countries. 

NoemaLife has been a significant player in the healthcare IT software sector for more than twenty years, having foreseen and benefited from the growth of diagnostics departments and is known for its development of leading-edge software, advanced research, and excellent customer service.  

The combination of these two leading Italian companies would enable the new entity to compete against other leading international operators, in a sector expected to consolidate.

In the long-run, the sizable synergies of the transaction should help optimise the Research and Development functions, improve Dedalus’ client services and its product portfolio. The new entity will continue to make investments at a rapid pace in order to ensure their ability to offer clients the best healthcare solutions in a continuously evolving world.

Giorgio Moretti, President and CEO of Dedalus commented“Over the years Dedalus has completed numerous acquisitions in the Italian and foreign ICT healthcare sectors in order to consolidate the market. With the NoemaLife integration, the new entity will have a significant role as it continues to consolidate, and will become a leading investor in R&D in order to offer the best healthcare software solutions to clients. Dedalus and NoemaLife have always shared the same philosophy on R&D, together investing more than €60m over the past five years. The integration of these two companies is consistent with our reciprocal values: continuous investments in innovation, a high level of service to clients, and respect for the rules”.

“In a consolidating industry, this transaction enhances the position of NoemaLife, an international company known and appreciated worldwide for its contribution to the sector and its achievements in the field”, explained Francesco Serra, President and CEO of NoemaLife“The common purpose of the two companies is to reinforce their brands both at the national and international level. The new collaboration will allow us to develop new healthcare services and to address the most important technological and cultural trends occurring in the sector. The agreement will lead to significant advantages thanks to the combination of opportunities and structural efficiencies, which will soon drive the new consolidated company to become one of the leaders of the European market”.