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NTMY enters exciting new partnership with Mayor’s Fund for London

16 September 2020 Three Hills for social

We are delighted to announce that NTMY is now amongst the main supporters of Access Aspiration, a programme run by the Mayor’s Fund for London aimed at creating more visibility of employment pathways for 16-18 year olds by providing aspirational work placements and employer insights.

In particular, the Access Aspiration’s partnership will aim at supporting an initiative during the 2020/21 academic year to reach in the region of c. 4000 young Londoners from low income backgrounds and minority ethnic backgrounds.

In the wake of Covid-19 we’ve seen a generation of young people lose out on valuable career support at school who are now facing unemployment. Further, the Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted the entrenched disadvantage young people from minority ethnic backgrounds face in the labour market leading us to believe this initiative is more crucial now than ever. 

The Mayor’s Fund for London is a pan-London youth charity championing life chances for young people from low income backgrounds. It works to increase the wellbeing and opportunities for young people across our three impact areas of food insecurity, numeracy skills and employability with the aim of ensuring that all young people can thrive regardless of background.  It supports over 35,000 young Londoners every year and operates in every London borough. 

Access Aspiration is the Mayor’s Fund for London’s flagship employability programme. Running for seven years, first as an independent charity and then from within the Fund, it is one of the best-established school based interventions enabling 16-18 year olds in London to access high quality careers advice and employability support at a point in their school journey when they are making crucial decisions about career choices, access to university and apprenticeships. Access Aspiration has a network of prestigious companies, ranging from Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange, to NHS trusts and Government departments, major law firms, engineering companies and creative sector firms to help London’s young people achieve success. 

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